Care of Felts

If you invest in a fine quality hat, it is important to care for it.  Keeping your hat in good shape not only prolongs its life, but keeps it looking new.  One of the most important things to do is to keep your hat free from dust and dirt.  Brushing your hat as needed keeps dust from accumulating which affects the look.  This also helps prevent water spots that are caused by rain hitting the dust on the hat.  Even if you get some spots on your hat you can sometimes remove them by brushing the nap of the hat after it's dry.  Most fine hats are made from animal fur and have grain to them.  Always brush fine hats from the front of the hat to the back as that's the direction of the nap.  A soft bristle horse hair hat brush is better than a whisk broom or ordinary clothes brush for a good felt hat.  Remember to let your hat dry out thoroughly, out of the sun and away from heat.  turn out the leather sweat band on the inside, flip up the brim, and if necessary reshape the hat crown to the style you want to find it in when it's dry.  These simple steps will help you keep your hat looking new and prolong its life.