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      • Winter Hats

        Stay warm this winter and come and get some nice hats. Whether it's a gift for Christmas, or you need to keep warm, come on in and check it out! (When ordering online, please call to make sure it's in stock. If it's not, we may be able to order...

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      • Care of Straw

        Straw hats need special care because of their lightness.  The crowns are creased, and blocked or shaped to a particular style, making them brittle.  So the more you handle the crown, the sooner it will dry out, crease, or even crack.  The straw should be handled by the brim, which...

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      • Care of Felts

        If you invest in a fine quality hat, it is important to care for it.  Keeping your hat in good shape not only prolongs its life, but keeps it looking new.  One of the most important things to do is to keep your hat free from dust and dirt.  Brushing...

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